Avril Gill

Personal Support Packages

Sometimes we all need that little bit of extra help and support when we are making changes in our lives, especially when it comes to weight loss and body image. It’s not always easy to stick to changes, and we can often feel as if no matter what we do we always fall back into old habits.

Understanding your patterns and triggers and learning how your mind works gives you the power to not only stay on track but to break down old habits and beliefs that may have kept you trapped for years.

The personal support packages are designed to help you understand how your mind works and give you the tools to access your inner wisdom so that you can create new long-term habits that support you and help you experience even greater success on your weight loss journey.

Whatever you are up against with your weight loss, anxiety, motivation, self-esteem or self-belief, the support packages will help to ensure your success today and for years to come.

Food Aversion Therapy

A one-off session for that little extra help with specific food cravings.

Maybe it’s a craving for chocolate at a certain time of the day, or that fizzy drink you can’t seem to live without, that hinders your progress.

If like many people, it’s that one thing that you feel you can’t live without but know if you were able to have no longer the craving you could have even more success with your weight bus journey.

Food aversion therapy helps to resit the thoughts around those foods that you find so hard to give up, like chocolate and sweets or savoury snacks. It works by rewiring the neural pathways in your brain that would normally operate automatically, creating cravings; it is effective immediately and works with both food and drinks.

Inner Wisdom Meditation Hub

Bring more peace and calm into your week and learn how to set up your week for success. Live weekly mindful meditation sessions to help you manage stress anxiety and overwhelm. The hub is designed so that you can join the live sessions or tune in later and download the station at a time that suits you.

Meet Avril

Avril is an inspirational teacher and coach she has been helping people transform both their lives and careers for over 20 years.

An NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. Avril also has a BSc Honours Degree in Psychology, as well as additional qualifications and training in neuroscience, and is currently working towards an MSc in Mental Health Science.

She is highly regarded in her industry as a therapist and teacher and is well known for the unique approach and blend of science and spirituality that she brings to her work with clients.

Author of the “Reinvention Method” and Master Trainer of Hypnotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, and a Generative Trance Hypnotherapist she works with individuals and groups, providing unique personal development workshops and coaching inspired by Neuroscience, Spirituality, Hmhariypnotherapy, NLP, energy healing, and the great master of personal change.