Tattoo removal in the clinic

Laser hair removal at home?

Nowadays there are plenty different machines for our beauty treatments and hair removal no different. So on the market you can find home use devices for hair removal, they are safe, easy to use and can take ages to remove your hair!

And the reason of that is that home use devices are way way less powerful that professional machines. And to use professional devices there is way more knowledge and safety factors included and the bonus of that much faster and more powerful treatments.

Yes, it is cheeper to have home use device, less responsibility and less risks. However you can spend hours of trying to work over large areas like legs, and no guarantees that’s it’s going to be working as results depends on the hair and skin colour, hair thickness and device strength.

Is home use laser hair removal safe?

Theoretically it is safe, if it is used appropriate, laser hair removal devices works best on the fair skin and dark hair. There is higher risk for dark skin tones as it may cause burns. Because laser or IPL use a light pulse to create the heat in the target (hair) and the heat damages the hair follicle, if skin is to dark and energy to hight treatment may cause burns.

Professional hair removal VS home use devices

Professional hair removal at the clinic is always better choice simply because of the treatment length and effectiveness considering number of treatments. Treatments are way stronger as machines are medical grade and the person that provide the treatments has to have knowledge and trainings to give you the best and realistic recommendations with safe and satisfying treatments. Another benefit of having hair removal in the clinic that the treatments much faster as practitioner can reach every areas faster and easier than you would try to do it yourself.

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