Growth Factoe Eye Serum

This eye serum targets deeper eye wrinkles, crease formation, hollowness + microcirculation decline. Cooling massaging applicator soothes the skin and re-invigorates the look of tired eyes.Improves the appearance of expression lines + visibly smooths wrinkles
Improves hydration + provides a filler-like plumpness
Increase fibroblast division + production of Type 1 collagen for improved skin density
Increases skin’s content of hyaluronan
Enhances microcirculation, protects capillary networks from disintegration
Support overall eye skin health by detoxifying, alleviating puffiness, removing blood pigments that can lead to dark circles and reducing effects of oxidative stress

Zo Skincare

ZO skincare products can only be sold to existing patient in the clinic. If you would like to purchase this range of skin care please contact the clinic to arrange either a virtual or in person consultation.

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Growth Factoe Eye Serum

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