The Dark Truth About Weight Loss

How many times on social media have you seen amazing weight loss before and after with people “selling” a magic drink or supplement that just burns the fat away?  You know this is bull but in our desperation to lose weight many parts with their cash, just in case this is the magic trick! Time […]

Weight loss medications are only a tool!

We live in a society where more than 50% of adults in the UK have an unhealthy BMI that increases the risk of long-term health concerns. The causes of obesity are complex, it is not because someone is lazy or greedy. Many factors such as a dysregulation of hormones such as leptin, ghrelin and insulin […]

Medically Managed Weight Loss Programmes 

Are you constantly on a diet and struggling to lose weight?  Are you concerned about your health? Let’s start with some alarming facts about being overweight. Did you know that there are over 106 factors linked to obesity? Many people assume it is due to too much food consumption and too little physical activity but […]